Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Job description of Deputies

Dear Colleagues
We are advised by various media sources that new Deputy Ministers are assigned to Ministries recently.  We sincerely wonder the success criteria of deputy minister in a ministry, since they are not MPs. It will be a good challenge to draft job description of a Deputy Minister, especially in Ministry of  Energy & Natural Resources.
If I were the Deputy Minister in Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources, I would volunteer to visit power plants all year long non-stop.
If I were the Deputy Minister in Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources, I would volunteer to participate all energy conferences/ seminars.
If I were the Minister in Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources, I would let the Deputy to draft all speeches for ceremonies, but deliver the speeches by myself  at all times,
If I were the Minister in charge in Ministry of Energy, I would ask my Deputy to be responsible of specific investment projects.
If I were the Minister in Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources, I would encourage my Deputy to participate to all academic gatherings.

If I would be the Minister in charge, I would prefer to assign my deputy to visit the establishments/ companies/ power plants/ research centers of my organization out of Ankara non-stop.
Deputy Prime Minister(PM) post is normal in everywhere since PM cannot fulfill all responsibilities at the same time, however Deputy Minister post is seldom in world application.

There will be most likely non- stop dispute between the Minister in charge and the Deputy Minister supported by the top decision maker, since Deputy will be reporting to top decision maker not to the Minister.
Moreover Minister in charge never wishes to share his/her responsibilities with his/her Deputy.
All in all, Deputy ministers are the last need for the Minister in charge, we wonder how long they will stay in the Ministries.
Your comments are welcome, with best regards

-- Haluk Direskeneli, Ankara based Energy Analyst, 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Letter from Sisyphus of Prinkipo island

Dear Colleagues,
It is now Autumn season in Prinkipo island, autumn leaves are everywhere, moving to mainland city by summertime locals are getting increased, houses are getting dark at night. We have almost complete silence at night in Prinkipo island, dogs seagulls crows are also silent, only warm sea breeze. It is now rain season, we shall have many days of heavy rain which will clean roads, horseshit will be disposed soon, we shall have clean fresh smell of flowers and green grass soon.
Construction/ rehab/ renovation ban is lifted. We hear daytime repair / renovation noises everywhere in Prinkipo island, roofs are renewed, old mansions are renovated, complete silence at night,
Yesterday was the Semiannual Holy Climbing day for AyaYorgi peak in Prinkipo island Buyukada Istanbul, more than mainland and overseas visitors were in the island on the Torture slope to AyaYorgi Monastery
We are advised that New legislation is argued for Long-term leasing of old mansions in Prinkipo by rich Arab families, application will renew the island and enable old houses renovated during low season.
On the other hand, local Real Estate constructors are advising impose long-term (49 yrs) real estate rental system for countries with no reciprocity practice (Saudi/ Russia/ Gulf countries) in real estate as in Prinkipo island Buyukada.
Local Real-estate Constructors are also advising full-sale real estate to countries with no reciprocity in legislation, Full Sale of old mansions in Prinkipo to rich Arab families may renew the island.
Policy may enable old houses renovated during low season however  it will change demographics drastically with no return for sure, newcomers do not know meaning of secularism in democracy/ and reciprocity principle in their international affairs. Certainly newcomers both Saudis/ Arabs/Russians will profit from city gentrification  in the long run.. Too controversial?, I feel not, what do you think?? Best regards
Sisyphus of Prinkipo

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