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Forecast 2019

Turkey: Energy And Infrastructure Forecast, Risks And Opportunities 2019 – OpEd

Energy supply security is on of Turkey’s prime concerns. Our installed capacity has reached 90 GWe, whereas peak demand was at 50 GWe in August 2018. Electricity generation has reached to 300 billion KWhours in 2018. Our local lignite production was about 100+million metric tons in 2018. Hard coal production was 2 million metric tons. Imported hard coal was 30 million metric tons. Natural gas consumption was expected 53 billion cubic meter (bcm) in 2018.
Economies and businesses are always shaped by expectations, just as market expectations are important in economic forecasts themselves. Within our professional capacity, we have tried to outline a draft forecast for the upcoming days. While it may not necessarily foresee the future in all its detail, it is better to have one, rather than none. Here are our short term new year predictions:
Our local energy markets are in need of restructuring for about 50+b US Dollar current debt. Power plant ownership changes may occur.
The import tax as imposed on imported coal was a deterrent figure for future investments for imported coal firing thermal power plants. Anyhow the latest thermal power plants are exclusively built by Chinese companies due to their ultra low lump sum turnkey prices, covered by cheap PBoC project financing. However these plants have poor design, they have low spares, short life span. If you desperately need electricity generation, then price is not so important. The tax will be collected by our Treasury, and end price is also taxed so our Treasury will get all money from both ends, all other parties are intermediaries in the long run.
On the other hand, 5-6 $Cents per kwh electricity purchase guarantee by public enterprises for local coal firing energy generation is a good booster for newcomer investors. However it is not so pleasing to place power plant construction orders to Chinese contractors just because of their ultra cheap turnkey prices for new local coal firing thermal power plant investments.
These plants do not meet national standard, norms, rules, regulations, laws. They have poor design which are not applicable for local coal, they have limited or almost no spares and high breakdown, low availability and low life span during operation.
New tenders for local coal firing thermal power plants are in Cayirhan-2, Eskişehir Alpu, Konya Karaman, Trakya Saray. Soma Deniş, Soma- Eynez and Çan thermal power plant investment projects are ongoing. Local people are not so comfortable with new local coal investments. There will be growing public reactions expected to stop these investments.
There are still imported coal firing investment projects in Çanakkale, Aliağa, Amasra, Iskenderun bay although imported coal with current floating prices between 90-100 USD per ton of 6000 kcal/kg LHV are too expensive and hence they are not encouraged any more.
COP24 Poland 2018 meetings also advised the international investors not to invest on coal firing thermal power plants.
We also noted that recent CFB based thermal power plants are not suitable to fire high moisture content local local. High moisture content local coal can not be fired in CFB boilers since it is frozen in winter and it is in sludge (mud) form in summer time. Indirect firing pulverized coal based thermal power plant design is best for local coal with more that 30 years of proven operation.
On the other hand, two 1000 MWe each wind and solar tenders were completed. We expect to have more of these investments in future.
Solar power investments are reduced to 700-800 US$ per kw, whereas fossil fired thermal power plants are at 1500-2000 US$ per kw. Solar power needs no fuel, whereas thermal power plants needs fossil fuel which makes environment polluted. Solar power plant are available only on daytime which makes 2000 hours at least per year, whereas thermal power plants can work 6000- 7000 hours per year.
Solar power can generate electricity at 3-4 US cents per kw-hour, whereas thermal power plants sell electricity at 5-6 Us cents per kw-hour. Based on these new market figures, renewable energies are getting more competitive and feasible in the long run.
East Med offshore explorations will be more on diplomatic agenda in near future. Offshore fields around Cyprus will be the focus for fair share of natural resources.
On negotiation table behind closed doors in Moscow and Ankara (and Sochi), there were negotiations for new prices on natural gas sales, more concessions on 63 bcm capacity Turkish Stream underwater pipeline construction project and better terms for 4800 MWe nuclear contract etc.
Nuclear power is too expensive in terms of unit kw-hour compared to prevailing average electricity prices in the local market and waste disposal problem is not solved yet. There is limited activity in Akkuyu NPP, whereas Sinop NPP is on hold, and its feasibility is in evaluation. We should note that in the long term Mersin Akkuyu nuclear project may also serve as a new Russian military seaport on Mediterranean coast to reinforce Russian presence on hot seas.
Arab and especially rich Gulf countries are completely ignorant of the events which took place at our environment since they have worse incidents they face every day. We have fair deals with Iran due to our favorable gas purchase agreements. However due to their increased internal gas demand, they stopped sending gas to our system as of December. We have gas supply and energy generation drop in our energy markets. US Embargo on Iran will have its impact.
National Security is to be reinforced since SouthEast insurgency may get worse. As seen everywhere in the world, such as in Ireland, Scotland, Bask in Spain, if minorities are not fairly represented in the national parliament, then they may look for their alternative solutions.
Bankruptcy postponement epidemic in the local markets spreads to low capital- small companies. that will be a high impact on our economy despite of unrealistic pictures as pronounced by public officials. People has lost confidence to public declarations. Foreign exchange rates may dive once again low in time.
The European Union has frozen accession meetings completely for participation since all remedy requests are returned with futile responses. Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark have already voiced necessary applicable counter measures. Death penalty, unavoidable bribery and public corruption, sexual abuse under 15 are unacceptable and non-negotiable for Europeans.
There is a wide range consensus for low profile public appearance. People deactivate their accounts in social media. They are not interested in any public expression. Newspaper columns are repetition of earlier articles. People are indifferent to every event since so many nasty things have happened in the near past with no reasoning no meaning we can name. 
Immigration applications Western universities among academics and young professionals are on high rise. Similarly capital move from local to international markets are getting increased.
We believe that these are a few warning indicators, of which you will seldom read such candid forecast from a local source for our home environment anywhere else.
We would be pleased to receive your comments and feedback over the course of the upcoming year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

2019 New Year Classical Music Concerts in Ankara

The biggest New Year and Christmas Eve celebration of Ankara audience is to go to CSO, Bilkent Symphony and Opera concerts.
This year, Bilkent Symphony tickets have been sold on the internet months ago, they are all sold.
See the beautiful program, scheduled on 26-27 December, Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Conductor Ferenc Gabor, Soprano Burcu Uyar, Waltzes, Polkas, Songs
J. Strauss II, A. Dvorak, B. Smetana, J. Brahms, J. Offenbach, F. Lehar

Ankara Opera tickets are also finished, concerts are on 28-29 December, Friday - Saturday nights, we have,
Conductor Antonio Pirolli
Soloists Murat Karahan, Feryal Türkoğlu, Eralp Kıyıcı, Ezgi Karakaya

CSO (Presidential Philharmonic Orchestra) tickets went on sale 10 days ago, tickets all sold on the same day.
Concert days are on 27-28 December, Thursday - Friday
Conductor Tulio Gagliardo Vargas. Soprano Mehlika Karadeniz, Tenor Aydın Uştuk. Program details are not yet clear.

There is a Somel Trio Jazz music program on the night of December 25 in the Ankara Erimtan Museum. Do also follow the Mozart House Christmas program. Capella concert will be given in MEB Shura Concert Hall. There is a Alegria concert at the Ankara University Morphology Hall on the 25th of December.

There may be concert programs at Hacettepe Conservatory, Başkent and other Ankara universities. No announcements have been received by your author. If they report it, we would be very pleased.

Izmir Elhamra, Istanbul Sureyya - Samsun-Antalya-Mersin operas have new year classical music programs. Eskişehir-Bursa concert programs can be found in social media, also in Borusan, İş Sanat, Zorlu PSM, CRR concert programs. There is a new year concert at Sabancı University.

If you can't find a concert ticket, you can wait at the main gate of the concert hall and grab the return ticket, for not much money. In fact, they don't turn down the ones that come to the door at cold night , they let you in at the last minute, you can watch them on the side corridor.
Another option is sitting in front of the TV at home, watching the BBC British Royal Albert Hall, USA Chicago, Germany Berlin-Munich, Austria Vienna. It is an easy alternative for you to watch the Viennese operas or other new year concert programs. The new year concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will be broadcast on BBC TV on 1 January 2019 at 1300.
The Berlin Philharmonic will perform in the days of 29-30-31 December under the direction of world famous conductor Daniel Barenboim.
Prague and Paris classical music concerts will be on TV broadcasts on New Year's concerts. You will be able to watch them all over the internet.
We wish happy new year, health happiness for you and for your family and have your all business success in your work.

Ankara, 20- December 2018
Haluk Direskeneli is a 1973 graduate from Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Since his graduation, he has been mainly involved in thermal / thermal design, manufacturing, marketing, bidding, sales and He has worked as a consultant for domestic market, engineering companies, investors and universities on thermal power plant design software. He is a member of MMO and METU Alumni Association Energy Commissions.

This article was written for the magazine "Odtü Alumni Bulletin".

Ankara, 20 December, 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

"Fury" (Rage) Movie 2014

its impact on Main Battle Tank fabrication

"Fury (2014)" movie, has already became a new cult masterpiece. A grizzled tank commander makes tough decisions as he and his crew fight their way across Germany in April, 1945 (IMDB). Movie contains scenes difficult to watch. It is not for everyone, since the brutality of war is very difficult to watch. Battle tank manufacturing is within mechanical engineering discipline. Automotive is the highest point of mechanical engineering as the excellence of science of art. You must keep the driver and the crew safe at all times. Tank should be the leading deterrent of attack power. You should be able to drive on off-road terrain at least 50-60 km an hour. You should be able to identify the enemy quickly, aim/ shoot/ hit the enemy while your tank is in motion. You should produce that capacity all within 5-6 million US dollar budget per tank in today's prices. These are not easy tasks, but we have to fulfill that capacity in order to survive in our geography.

The major character in US production "Fury" (rage) movie film was the Sherman tank, which was nick-named by the soldiers in time of war as "death trap", when hit, burning quickly, and killing the crews inside by fire. In order to kill a German Tiger tank, at least 4-5 Sherman were spared. Burn to death was the fate of tank crew in WW2. It was sad story of American soldiers entering into the tank by accepting the death by burning from the start.

In fact, the choice of Sherman tanks by American generals at the start of WW2 was a wrong decision. Anyhow wrong or correct, the decision was taken, and Sherman tanks were manufactured in 5-different USA plants in war almost 50,000 units. It had initially 400 hp petrol firing rear engine, easy to get burned when hit. Due to these dissatisfaction, production is stopped right after the war, the rest were sent to other countries.

We must learn the story of the legendary T-34 tanks of our northern neighbors. Wheel suspensions, and walking pallets were copied from American "Walter Christie" design. Sample Caterpillar tractors were secretly exported to Russia in the 1930s. Tank transmissions were copied from American tractor undercarriage. Tank engine was at the rear, it was water cooled, diesel fuel firing, BMW of German design. T-34 tank had easy maintenance easy repair, with no major operation problems. They had easy maneuver capability in field rides. Cold start of the engine was excellent but transmission was disaster. Their inclined armor were covered with special alloy for protection. Bullets were bouncing on inclined armor and bullets did not work. Two spare fuel tanks externally mounted on tank body rear, needed to pass long distances. During fighting with enemy, fuel tanks were immediately dismantled from the tank body.

Design and early production of T-34 tanks were kept top secret. First bunch of 1000 units were ready for fight against the invading German forces for the first time in Kursk tank war. Germans were expecting their enemy to have inferior poor design tanks, but just the opposite have happened. German tanks faced with new design, powerful, fast, durable, technological monsters on the war theater. Germans suffered in a great surprise.

Germans thought that their enemy had poor, inferior, undeveloped technology which could be beaten easily. It was happened just the opposite in war theater. Germans were defeated heavily in the clash with new design T-34 tanks. Battle showed that T-34 tanks were invulnerable, so strong so powerful. Later in time, Germans improved their tank design to catch up but their production capability and replacement were not in line with growing war destruction. T-34 fabrication plants were too far away from eastern front, so that German war planes could not reach to bomb. T-34 tanks were manufactured in 5- different fabrication plants each too distant from each other, so that fabrication was continued uninterrupted. During WW2, 84,000 units were produced and design improvements continued for better armor, bigger and powerful guns, more fire power. There were no radio communication in the early versions, so that tank crew communicated with flags between each other, in later models, radio was installed for fast communication.

T-34 off-road speed could reach to 50-60 km per hour in open war theater, whereas German tanks could go maximum 30-40 km per hr. It was a great fighting advantage for T-34 in war clashes. Hitler once said, "If I had known about the T-34 tank's strength in year 1941, I would not have attacked.". That is called deterrence today, T-34 tanks became war hero of the Eastern Front in WW2, which played a major role in winning the WW2 victory.

"Michael Koshkin" was the young design engineer of the first prototype T-34 battle tank. In order to prove applicability of the new tank design to decision maker war generals, he drove the first prototype T-34 battle tank from the plant to Moscow army command center in harsh cold winter conditions passing 2000 km off-road fields. He caught pneumonia and soon after the his lone test drive, he died. After receiving the permission, all over the country 5- different plants started to fabricate non-stop during war time 24 hours 7days, with 50% women, 25% young boy labor force, since all men were drafted.

During Stalingrad war, manufacturing plants had even no time to paint the tanks, so that some of the T-34 tanks were even sent without external final paint to battle front, to fight the invading enemy forces, that was an incredible history. Final paint was later completed during battle environment.


In 1942, in North Africa on Libyan desert, tank battles were very important in WW'2 the history. American Sherman tanks have encountered first time with German tank divisions on hot Libyan desert. American Generals has selected Sherman tanks although Shermans were weak, smaller and with short-range gun capability, but fast in action.

General Patton has once said, "The important thing in tank battle is whether Shermans could move rapidly to the back of the German Panzer and hit them back," That was the practice of ancient times, he learnt from "Roma- Carthage" wars. The way to defeat the war elephants of Carthaginians, the foot soldiers would give away to heavy war elephants to the front, then they move to the back of the beast, and they have to spit the elephant with spears behind at the weakest point. These tactics have worked in ancient times. Sherman tanks have also tried to apply the same tactics, but they did not work. In order to hit a German tank, it would be causing the destruction of 4-5 Sherman tanks in fire.

Anyhow low altitude flying aircraft and anti-tank artillery have helped Shermans to overwhelm German Panters. German tanks were stopped by lack of fuel, since the German fuel ship had been sunk in the Mediterranean by the British war ships. Also German trucks to transport drinking water were bombed by British war aircraft. German tanks left with no fuel, unable to move and lost the desert war. German General Rommel saved himself, by flying back to Germany. But his soldiers were surrendered to Allied troops. Total 340 thousand German POW soldiers were sent by ships to America during WW'2. They picked cotton in Southern cotton fields throughout the entire war. Meanwhile Alabama blacks were enlisted in American army, and they were sent to Europe to save white people.

First encounter of new untested T-34 battle tanks with their German counterparts on the Eastern Front is the best war story. Young Russian tank designer Michael Koshkin drove the first T-34 prototype to prove tank durability all alone 2000 kms from fabrication plant to Moscow and died from pneumonia he got during test drive. It is the saddest human cost of this main battle tank design story. Our Northern neighbor then have produced a total of 84,000 units T-34 battle tanks in WW2 as a series of 5-separate factories. Designers continuously improved design during the war, armor thickened, raised the gun fire power. T-34 tanks of 50,000 have been destroyed in the war, but the rest have the key fighting power to win the war on the Eastern Front.


Sherman tanks were generally weaker than German Tiger and Leopard battle tanks. Their guns were smaller, gun range were shorter, they had thinner armor plates. But these battle tanks could be manufactured in large numbers during WW'2 to beat the capability weakness with high numbers. While Tiger or Leopard tank fires on one of them, other Sherman tanks would circle and hunt the German tank. The same tactic was applied to T-34 versus German tanks. Comrades in the 5-different fabrication plants have produced large number of T-34 battle tanks non-stop, and also improved tank design, tested gun power on captured German tanks on field.

New anti-tank weapons were designed to put fire on battle tanks and kill the tank personnel inside. Armor -piercing explosive projectile bullets with explosive nozzle cone toward the tank interior have worked better in time, keeping battle tanks idle, inactive in the war. They created high flame beam to explode the armor shields. At that point, by melting armor and there were a few thousand degrees Celsius flame exploded into the tank, the crew was burned to death. If ammo was also ignited in the tank, they all suddenly exploded completely. The anti-tank weapons are among those with armor-piercing bullets, as sharp as pencils with tungsten drill bits. Bullets hit the armor, armor is pierced by tungsten pen, enters tank interior, helps blasting ammunition. Today tank designers decorate the tank exterior with high explosive resistant panels. Armor-piercing bullets stand out, giving explosion outside with early response, armor-piercing bullets trigger with early discharge. Providing armor work outside to keep bullet away from entering interior, and therefore are cutting blast effect.

Today, battle tank impact in fighting is limited, due to increasing impact of anti-tank planes A-10, helicopters and land mines. You will recall the pictures of obsolete destructed scrap on the roadside old design armored vehicles and tanks in Iraq war. Saddam's tanks were demolished by helicopters easily. The effects of T-34 battle tanks were ended during Korean war by anti-tank weapons which were effectively and widely used by food soldiers. So new designs were introduced with better armors. War is cruel, inhuman, but one should be strong enough to be deterrent in our environment to survive.


From open sources we understand that the local MBT (main battle tank) design and tests are not yet completed for full scale production. Driving tests are satisfactory. Tanks have electronic radar shelter against air attacks, electronic camera surveillance systems, land mines detection equipment are to be mounted on tank body and tested. Real war tests are not completed in war conditions. We would expect to test at least one prototype in a war zone, such as in Afghanistan. Coalition forces do not participate into war in Afghanistan just to bring peace to that land. We all know that armies go there to test their new fighting equipment, whether they are battle tanks, or heavy rifles, or helicopters.

British, German, American tanks are being tested there. Test sites of Russian tanks are currently in Chechnya, Ukraine and Syria. Let us know well about the power of Syrian tanks and talk about them. Syria has a total of 4850 units of T-55-62-72 Russian tanks which are obsolete in todays terms. But the latest model T-90 could be given to Syria when suppliers feel necessary, then our new generation battle tanks have to cope with the latest T-90, as well as American Abrams of Iraq in future disagreements.

In Turkey, there are only 4- each MBT prototypes in development. Original design was made by South Korea. Main engines were to be manufactured in cooperation with German supplier. 4-batch series fabrication each with 250 units will be initiated from 2016 on. Unit budget price per standard MBT is estimated to be USD 5-6 million. Battle capacity with total 1000-tanks in the region will be a serious show of deterrent force. We need to investigate the neighboring dangers in times of disagreements. Syria has T-55-62-72 obsolete Russian tanks but they could have T-90 tanks in future. Israel army has their own design war tested Merkava M4 battle tanks with front mounted powerful engine. Merkava tanks are the only battle tanks with front engine, all other tanks have rear engines. Iran has some American M60 Pattons, and their own design new battle tanks. American Abrams battle tanks are left in Iraq, however some of them in north military bases were captured by new islamic insurgents. Battle tanks should have electronic remote self destroying capability, which could be activated in case of captures. We understand that those Abrams tanks had that immobilizing capability to make themselves unusable.

New generation main battle tanks should have radar shields against hostile air and land attacks, and should have missile capability against helicopters. Tank also should fix its gun electronically to the enemy target and it should stay steady, shoot and hit while moving at high speed. In the latest models, tank crews are reduced to three personnel since most of ammo loading are organized earlier. Cyber security is also very important since battle tanks are now full of computers almost for each and every task to carry out.

Towards the end of the WW'2, "Giant Tiger" was designed and fabricated by the direct order of Führer. They were very large tanks. They were sent to France front. However 70-ton giant battle tanks could not succeed in real war conditions. Because the roads were narrow, they were unable to maneuver within the settlements , could not make turns or returns. They were too heavy. They could not pass the bridges, you had to make a special bridge. So there is a limit to the size of the tank. At the beginning of the WW'2, German battle tanks were a military success in the Russian steppes. German tanks could hit enemy within 2 km range with high accuracy. The initial hitting range of early T-34 tanks were 500 meters. Therefore they should get close to the German tanks. However, the number superiority, better survival capability difficult winter conditions, easy operation, higher field speed, easy refuel to the remote war theaters, better repair and maintenance capability, all had increased T-34 survival rate at war.

Turkish land forces used various updates of American M60 and German Leopard tanks in the past. There is no Russian T-34 tank in our list. Starting from year 2018 on, Turkey shall produce 4 batches each with 250 tank units. Although the prototype is designed and produced by one company, we understand that another private company in the competition to get the order. In fact it is better to distribute the fabrication order to multiple suppliers in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, even we should look for more fabrication centers in organized industrial zones of cities like Sivas, Eskişehir, Malatya, Antep.

We have gathered above article with available open intelligence sources through internet web pages, mainly from Wikipedia. If you have any comments, corrections, or advise, you can always write to me. We wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays, and all the best for the New Year 2019.

Ankara, 07 December, 2018


Haluk Direskeneli is a graduate of METU’s Mechanical Engineering Department (1973). He has worked in public and private enterprises, US-Turkish JV companies (B&W, CSWI, AEP, Entergy), and in fabrication, basic/detail design, marketing, sales, and in project management of thermal power plants. He is currently working as a freelance consultant/energy analyst of thermal power plants, and utilizing his basic/detail design software expertise for private engineering companies, investors, universities, and research institutions. He is a member of METU Alumni and the Chamber of Turkish Mechanical Engineers Energy Working Group.

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Bike Theft in Berlin

Bike theft in Berlin Germany sets the end of Merkel rule

Bikes are universal cheap easy simple transportation vehicles for local city traffic, also best for preventing air pollution, exhaust free solution to reduce atmosphere contamination. Berlin is a paradise for bike drivers, perfect environment for cycling with bike lanes everywhere. There are local bike trails with total sum exceeding 650km within urban city limits. Almost all smooth streets no ups and downs, no slopes. Bikers can pass long distances with cheap fare Sbahn, Ubahn metro tickets from one end to other end of the city. Berlin has approximately 3,3 million population (2017) whereas there are almost 2-million bikes in the city. In a business daytime there are almost 500 thousand bikes are in the daily traffic. Bikes contributes 13% of local transportation. There are "bike priority" roads. There were approximately 8000 bicycle accidents which occurred in year 2017. Most of the accidents occur in right turn of traffic lights, where cars turn right and collide with bikes going straight direction. Sudden opening of car doors may also create bike accidents. Fast young bikers may create dangerous situations for slow old age bikers. Your writer had hard times due to fast bikers passing from both sides in a narrow bike lane last summer. There are strict cycling rules in Berlin. You will wear safety helmet. You will go from right hand side of the road in bike lane. You will not use iphone ever. You will stop at red light. Otherwise you pay 100€ fine, we know since we paid once. Cyclist driving in reverse direction creates danger for sure.
There is a serious number of bike theft in Berlin, almost 100 thefts per day officially recorded as of year 2017, rate getting increased each following year. Statistics reveals that only 5% of theft are found.
Last week our bike was stolen. It was locked on an electric pole in front of our house with two strong chain locks. Thief has used chain saw. You have no chance to stop a thief with an electric chain saw, which can be purchased at nearest Bauhaus shop for 50€.
Last year we bought that bike for 1000€. It was a latest design with light weight. Amsterdam, Prague and Rome are worst in terms of bike theft. Stolen bikes are not sold in second hand open markets since penalties are too high, so bikes are transported to eastern European countries for reselling. Bike thefts are increased with incoming migrant floods. Thieves are mostly migrants or east Europeans. Berlin police reacts harshly to bike thieves publicly beating on the street when caught, without caring negative publicity. Neonazi right wing political party Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) votes increase with migrant inflow. AfD has huge success in Eastern Germany, due to increase in unemployment, increase in migrants. If AfD will have any partnership in ruling in future, it will be due to Merkel's optimistic soft immigration policies, which increased unemployment, street crime and bike thefts. Angela Merkel is leaving the public office. She will not run in the next general elections. There are all types of theft increase. Our simple cheap door mat was stolen which was bought the cheapest for 4€ from nearest Bauhaus.
My red Peugeot bike was purchased in year 1965 as 9th grade high school summer present. After 10 years of riding, it was stolen from my balcony, since it was not locked properly, I felt relatively safe in our factory guest house. Thief also has stolen my precious childhood toy. That instance taught me not to rely on any loose situation, never leave any article on street, whatever tough locks we have.
When you face a bike theft, don't worry too much. Feel that it is the time to buy a new better design bike. Decathlon shop sells new design bikes for 159€. They are light weight, with no batteries to push. You get better health while riding your bike. You should never leave your bike on the street at night. You better keep your bike indoors, in your cellar, or at your balcony. There is no way, no safety caution you can protect your bike on the street.
Berlin outside temperature is around -1C these days in November. It is too cold. Street bikers are relatively in less numbers, however there are people with protective clothing to ride bikes in daytime traffic. New year fairgrounds are installed in public places, there are lots of junk food to eat, hot traditional wine and local beer service accompanied with loud pop music until midnight.
"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt
24- November 2018, Berlin, Deutschland



Haluk Direskeneli, is a graduate of METU Mechanical Engineering department (1973). He worked in public, private enterprises, USA Turkish JV companies (B&W, CSWI, AEP), in fabrication, basic and detail design, marketing, sales and project management of thermal power plants. He is currently working as freelance consultant/ energy analyst with thermal power plants basic/ detail design software expertise for private engineering companies, investors, universities and research institutions. He is a member of ODTÜ Alumni and Chamber of Turkish Mechanical Engineers Energy Working Group.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


My Mother, Turkish Literature teacher Ayse Hadiye Direskeneli lost her life on November 13, 2018 at 0700 hours, due to multiple organ failure. She is buried in Üsküdar KaracaAhmet cemetery the next day. Rest in peace.

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