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Why Memoirs are so important?

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Sometimes I listen to an experience, a life story from a friend. I wish my friend would put these in writing, and these stories did not stay in such verbal expression. When people get older, they fear being forgotten. No matter how powerful, rich, famous, intelligent, effective they are, end is coming, all this power, wealth, activity, fame is lost. Destruction is approaching. At that time, an effort is made to create a document, and a book, a memoire describing his/her existence for those who follow it.
The letters of a retired Treasury director who reached me on the internet reminded me of the same situation. Without any further delay, he wanted to share with everyone the important then classified- confidential documents he had accumulated about his existence. He served in Nixon, Kennedy periods, his youth career, inaccessible power, activity, retirement, IMF Philippines representation. These writings, maybe a close relative has written. These letters are of no importance now, maybe for only to historians in the future.
We had an old uncle in the family. He was the general manager of a major ministry for many years. He was close to us, but he didn't help us at all, especially when we would ask for help. He spent the last year of his life in bed. A young scholar took permission from him to write his memoires. For days he took the active senior bureaucrat periods of his life on tape, he wrote these tapes and he maybe make a book in the future. These records remained in the researcher's personal library.
I met a famous doctor. He was a very influential, important, rich man. He had terminal illness. He opened a blog on the Internet, writing his life until his last days. Years later, I came across a google search, memories of the childhood could have just finished.
We have hired foreign general managers to USA - Turkish joint venture company for two terms. We paid each one of them US$ 12,500 plus charges per month. I worked closely with them as sales manager. They returned after their contracted time, and then we heard that they died. They both died of terminal lung disease. There's nothing written on them. It's like these people never lived. In Google searches, the technical articles we write, they are seen as co-author names. They have their names in several English press releases.
I see a tendency to write memories with the help of "ghost writer" in our aging riches. "I came to this world, I lived, I did a lot of work for the community, I made money, I employed people, you do know me, you do remember me after me", they say. Memoires is written at a very advanced age, making it difficult to remember old events. The stories repeat again. Sharpness and details disappear.
I just read the memory of an old rich man. Because the image of the cigar smoker on the book cover, which is contrary to the current political understanding, the sale of the book was censored, the book could not be sold in the market, it was given to a friends and three donations to a university. I read the copy there. Fine paper, 370 pages, the book begins with remembrance of childhood, youth, Robert College, MSc in the US, after military service marriages, previously too small partnership in construction companies, endlessly made overseas domestic travels, the received orders, then the last pages of the book full of family photos. There is no mention on his top rank in the richest people, nor his famous Bosphorus mansion. However, in the google searches, his name comes on these two issues. Scholarship, foundation, university nothing. All his life he paid education expenses of 3-5 students within his family members.
Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Tommy Blair, Mikhail Gorbachov, especially Henry Kissinger, all western leaders, have written such books after their period in power. Çanakkale 1915 war memoirs, first British General Ian Hamilton (Gallipoli Diary, 1920), then the German General Otto Liman von Sanders (Der Kampf um Die Dardanellen, 1927) into a book. A young journalist Ruşen Eşref, wrote the memories of Mustafa Kemal in Çanakkale with a weekly interview in Mustafa Kemal's house in Şişli (1919). He first published a newspaper article and then a book, and the interview book made Mustafa Kemal legendary Pasha.
Our famous writers Aziz Nesin, Sabahattin Ali, Orhan Veli and Ahmet Haşim became more permanent and immortal. The childhood memories of Aziz Nesin are very famous. "Frankfurt Travelogue ", compiled from the 20-article of writer Ahmet Haşim who wrote during his stay in Germany in the 1930s, are still impressive. Sebahattin Ali's novels are still on the bestseller list. My last reading addiction, the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig (1881-1942), left behind great books. Socrates, Aristotle and Machiavelli call us centuries ago.
Did you know that the queen writes with fountain pen and memoire every night? Every night, without interrupting, she writes the impressions of the day. I've seen a documentary TV show about her. The Queen records her observations every night in her own handwriting on paper, all of which will remain secret for 50 years, then be published. It will be a source for researchers and historians.
I listened to a friend of mine's experience abroad. He has been working in Russia for the last 12 years. He set up a business there, employed local people. After the Russian Su-24 was shot down on 24-November 2015, everything was finished there. "I'm a balloon, stuck a needle, then I exploded. My work, my property, my property, my office is all over. They don't give me a visa. I can't go there. All to restart, reset. " says.
In our geography memoire / memoirs write for some reason is not very liked. There is the fear that "one of my writings will be taken upon someone, they will harm my children". However, as we get older, we get out of the standard frame, we don't fit into molds. As time passes, we can laugh at ourselves. These virtues are not valid rules accepted in our geography.
I tell my experiences to the young engineers what we have done in the past, the thermal power plant construction phases and the bidding process. My stories sound like a fairy tale to them. I think memories / biographies are very important. It is even more important for societies like us who have made the same mistakes over and over again. Life is not long enough to experience everything. It is necessary to benefit from the experience of others.

The letter details of the retired treasury general manager reminded me of all these. I would appreciate it if you give us your thoughts, recommendations, experiences and expectations.

Ankara 17 September 2019

Wednesday, September 04, 2019


Carmen opera at Aspendos opera ballet 2019 festival, September 1-2

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends the Bayreuth opera festival in Germany every year during the summer months. This year she has also participated, and she wore the dress she bought on her trip to the United States 20 years ago. Wagner stipulated that some of his operas should be staged in Bayreuth environment for at least 100-years only. Anyway, Wagner operas are now being played everywhere.

We have a similar atmosphere at the Aspendos festival. The 26th International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival started with the opera “Carmen" where the production will be staged at the Aspendos Antique Theater. Antalya State Orchestra was conducted by conductor Zdravko Lazarov.

French composer Georges Bizet's beloved opera “Carmen” was staged in the festival by the Italian director Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini by the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet.

Russian Bolshoi Theater lead singer Yulia Mazurova and Russian mezzo-soprano Anastasia Boldyreva took the stage in Aspendos with the title role of “Carmen".

Antalya state symphony orchestra plays between 60-80 artists, among them foreign brides settled in Antalya, Russian women, there are Azerbaijani men.

Istanbul ballet has performed great dances in orchestral music parts without human voice like overture so that we wondered if we have come to ballet instead of opera. Istanbul opera choir and soloists as well as costume designs were great.

At the Aspendos festival The program was unclear until the last month. It is very difficult to arrange a place in advance. Our program in the eastern geography is always so loose. if we do not earn money from this work ü, we will not have anything to do with opera. In the ancient theater of the 2nd century AD with a capacity of 15 thousand Audience, the viewers were western tourists coming by bus from nearby hotels, and there were only a few local people.

Stone seating places had comfortable sponge cushions on the bank advertised.
If I prepared the program, I would put Tosca, LaTraviata, mozart, wagner tannhouser alıng with Carmen,
A similar opera ballet environment does not exist elsewhere in the country.
There are other festivals in Bodrum, TurgutReis, Ephesus but Aspendos is unique.

The young girls who worked at the buffet watched with enthusiasm on the side, but probably young people showed little interest.

Carmen's main subject is a woman's murder, the crazy lover DonJose who committed the murder, told the story to the writer while he waited for the day he would be executed in the Spanish city of Seville in 1838.

Today's directors can add interesting new interpretations to the stage.
DonJose, a desperate lover of Berlin's comischeoper modern interpretation, strangles Carmen with his yellow wig, then commits suicide, and if it turns out that in new modern interpretations, and in the last act, Carmen kills DonJose with a knife or pistol as self-defense, because Carmen is a brave female character, and libretto allows this to contrary end.

Antalya, 3-September 2019

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Ebook in PDF

Dear Editor / Publisher/ Reader,

For the last seven (7) years, I have been writing a weekly article on "Energy-Solution". Printed newspaper in izmir, Turkey. 
My articles consist of my own old business notes.
They reflect my life experiences in English or in Turkish.
These posts first appear on my blog as a draft.
Comments and criticisms are corrected and updated as they arrive.
The editor goes through the editing, and if it finally reaches maturity, it is first published in the printed paper and later on the web pages. page comes out.

All eBooks are on the internet as pdf in the following web page.

My English articles are on the following web page.

The English and Turkish Pdf for E-books has been numerous downloads from around the world. The reader may download the PDF, or reads on the screen, ipad iphone, or prints the paper in book format.
There are very few books on energy. I wrote on popular topics.
I chose simple understandable narration. I made short sentences.
I wanted it to be easy to read, so everyone could understand.
I hope you're interested in this book. With my deepest respect,
Please do advise your comments. All the best and regards

HalukDireskeneli at gmail dot com
Istanbul 31- July 2019

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Szczecin Poland

Szczecin (Stettin) Poland, 13-14 July 2019

You see 10-12 letter words in Poland with 2-3 vowels in it. Wondering how to read? It's not difficult because some of the letters can be read aloud with signs. Poland has entered the European Union, but Polish people are still using Zloty for its own money. Nowadays 1 € = 4.27 Zyloty, life here is relatively cheap.
Szczecin is a Polish city 30-km from the German east border. In fact, it was a German city called Stettin with a population of 200,000 until 1945. After Hamburg and Bremen, city was the 3rd largest port city, and it was the headquarter of the German east front during World War II. Big battle ships were built here. After the end of the second world war, with the Potsdam agreement, this region is left to the Polish territory. The German population was removed from the city and the population of Eastern Poland was settled in the vacated city. Today the city of Szczecin is a university city with shipyard port and industrial plants with a population of 400-thousand. The last three hundred years of German Prussian traces have been completely erased. There were not many buildings left as a result of the second world war bombings and the whole city has been renovated with a new city planning.
City has National Museum, Philharmonic Building, Opera house, Shipyard port. Along the river, there are promenade places to walk late at night. Until midnight, young people in university age gather around this river and socialize and drink a lot. There are  many  universities in the city, so many young students
The NATO Eastern European Command is here. Conversations on the streets are mostly Polish, Russian and English. During the reign of Polish Pope John Paul II, the Vatican sent good money, the old Catholic churches were renovated, and new ones were built. Churches all full during Sunday services. Do students have much interest?
I don't know, but families come a lot.
The churches are made of dark brown color bricks and very high. The city plan is very smooth, no tall buildings. Public transport is carried out by trams.
Streets are wide and there are many roundabouts. Traffic lights are regular, it is imperative to comply, because it is too dangereous not to.
Since the old classical German design concert hall collapsed during the 1945 bombardment, Poles built a new architectural design iceberg-shaped philharmonic hall, the white building looks like an iceberg.
In July 2019 in the Philharmonic, there is internal maintenance-renovation inside so it is  closed.
The opera house is a classical building, "Paliagi" and "masquerade ball " operas are in the repertoire of this year, it is closed during summer period opera holiday.
In 1934, the Germans built a highway to their third largest port city, which was called Stettin at the time. You come from a 150-km straight 2+2 lane road. Traffic signs in Germany call it Stettin (Szczecin). In the last 27km you see the border buildings that are no longer in use, then you arrive in Szczecin.
We stayed at the Hotel Vulkan, close to the outskirts of the city, it was a large, comfortable, large space, the price was very reasonable, it was just far from the city center, we had our car, not worry. In the morning we had a rich breakfast buffet. There were parking meters on all streets, but they were not working on Sunday. We parked in a side street at the city center and visited the city on foot. We sat at a nice cafe above the median, gave a break.
In the evening we returned to Berlin from the highway again. In the autumn, we plan to come here again for the weekend and go to opera and philharmonic concerts, and maybe more walk along the river and visit museums.
In Poland there is an anti-immigration foreign policy, so there are not many African, Middle Eastern people around, only those who are young students. The German border is open, but there is no way for the immigrants to live in Poland.
Your author also examined the energy generation situation of the city. Around the city, there is a domestic coal and urban waste burning thermal power plants that generates 134Mwe and 70 Mwe. Environmental equipment with sufficient capacity dust filters ESP and flue gas desulphurisation FGDs  are added. It is very easy to find the plants with google map already being noticed by the chimneys that appear remotely.

Berlin, July 16, 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Castration Effect

Castration Effect in Turkish Energy Markets

Castrato” is a male soprano, mezzo-soprano, or alto voice produced either by castration of the singer before puberty or one who, because of an endocrinological condition, never reaches sexual maturity. Castration is non-reversible.

In business world, we have a similar feeling in the market, but that is reversable if cared properly. One day in late 2006, an International Company from FarEast has internally decided to come to Turkey, to capital city Ankara in order to meet with reputable local companies private and public for future cooperation and partnering in local Turkish energy market. Through an international business colleague, they asked your writer to help them in local networking.
At first we asked appointment from top management of public companies, Ministry, EUAS, TEDAS, and TEIAS etc.

Our Public companies have the similar attitude these days. They say "Since we should get 3- offers and evaluate for almost 3-months for each bolt we need, we cannot finalize any investment in the modern times in a reasonable short period of time. Therefore we ask private investors to make the investment. We expect the maximum rental fee for our treasury." Good point, good thinking, very logical.

We also asked appointment from private companies for mutual meetings for future cooperation. Most of them accepted and invited us to their head offices. That was almost no cost for them other than some business time to allocate.

On both sides, we had almost similar presentations. At first, our visiting foreign Company introduced their colorful hardcopy documentation, their home country references of various thermal power plants, as well as nuclear. Documentations were beautiful but they had no meaning in content. Anyhow that was something other than nothing. They had pictures of their international experiences, reference plants in the Middle East and elsewhere. However these documentations were explained with relatively poor verbal English.

In response our local companies explained how wonderful work they do in local and/or international environments. Surprisingly Turkish scope covered only civil works and site installation, plus maybe some construction of administration buildings / some catering. That was all. It is a pity. Most of our companies don’t have courage to exceed these simple activities. These activities are simple, hard work with minimum cost, almost with minimum value added value. It is so sad to say that our companies cannot handle basic engineering, they cannot handle overall leadership. So Turkish sides all handle the hard work, whereby our international partners get the biggest portion of the scope and profit.
FarEast Companies have the same software and hardware available as elsewhere, and they purchased the necessary technical license to handle design works of all types’ thermal power plants. They sign license agreements with reputable USA companies to construct CFB boilers to fire all types of poor quality with low LHV local lignite.

In the international markets, US or UK companies, German/ French/ Italian companies are too expensive today. They can not receive any order in our local market due to their high market prices. On the other hand China, Indian, Korean companies are relatively cheaper in turn key EPC contracts.

Other than Indians and Cheneese, Koreans were at the lowest life style in 1950s in the Korean War and at that time we sent our troops to save them. After 50 years, their GNP is almost twice of ours now. Korean Companies had turnkey engineering and complete project leadership capability. They constructed all their thermal power plants by themselves. Similarly they constructed many nuclear power plants in Korea under license.

If we do not show our engineering expertise, our market will soon be dominated by these Eastern companies and as a result our local companies will be doing only the simple hard work with lowest profit margins.

We visualize a sort of “Castration Effect” in our local contracting companies. Are these local companies sort of “Castrato”?? That situation is unfortunately created by our public companies over the years while looking for only international foreign companies.

All we need is courage, at least within our own environment. We should start to construct our own thermal power plants by ourselves. Foreign companies cannot design; construct power plants to fire our special local indigenous lignite. Only Turkish engineers can do it, since we live all our life with this local fuel.

Our local private companies are to decide if they will continue to have simple works all the time, and vanish, or make drastic change and start doing new investments on engineering talent by supplying the engineering staff with appropriate software and hardware, plus necessary technical licensing, to enable their companies work as turnkey EPC contractor as leading company.
That is the most important key decision now.
As the old saying goes, “If you think you can, you can.”

Ankara, 13 June 2019

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