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Repowering AMBARLI

Dear Energy Professional, Dear Colleagues

The last day for proposal delivery was initially on 4th December 2007, however due to many requests from interested parties, it was decided to cancel and re-announce the tender for granting a bid preparatory period of 2 months when postponement period of 20 days in the Public Procurement Law was deemed insufficient.

EUAS, which will make a renewed tender announcement after the specifications are revised, will set the new tender date in the
forthcoming days

Through press releases and internet web site of EUAS tender release,
your writer has inspected the new development/ tendering for Repowering project of our old Ambarli Thermal power plant.

There are 5 steam boiler/ steam turbine units in Ambarli, whereby first 3 units are at 110 MWe output capacities,

and the 4th -5th units are in 150 MWe generation capacities

Therefore we shall consider the repowering of 4th and 5th units each with 150 Mwe electricity generation capacities.

Proposal evaluation period is given as 120 calendar days;

Project execution is to be completed within next 1000 days upon effective date of contract.

It is our humble estimation that the contract value would be around 400+ Million US Dollars, and with that ball-park budget number, the tender project scope will cover;

Rehabilitation/ renovation of existing 2 each 150 Mwe Escher Steam turbines (vintage early 1970s)

Dismantling/ demolition of two each existing Sulzer steam boilers

Supply/ purchase/ site installation of two new gas turbines each with approximate electricity output of 250- 300 Mwe

Whereby only GE Energy, Siemens Westinghouse, Mitsubishi and Alstom can fabricate that big size gas turbines. We may also add Ansaldo Energia with their repowering past references,

However their production lines may not be available to meet our time schedule

Then design/ fabrication/ site installation of two each new heat recovery steam generators, fired/ unfired type, preferably forced circulation/ vertical gas pass,

These 2 each new gas turbines/ 2 each new heat recovery steam generators and 2 each existing steam turbines will be coupled,

New Instrumentation & Controls will be installed,

and in the end, we shall have a new combined cycle power plant with output capacity of 800-900 Mwe, firing natural gas only in Ambarli, on the European side of Turkey, on the north coast of Sea of Marmara, and west of Istanbul

Project financing would be a real challenge both for supplier and purchaser,

We have only a few reputable / reliable local contracting companies with references and engineering/ software/ hardware/ qualified human resource capability, with financial credibility to purchase such big size gas turbines, with qualified fabrication facilities to fabricate the heat recovery steam generators.

Your humble writer does not believe in any other party, who would declare to participate and execute such a big project properly,

Eastern cheap equipment suppliers do not have any capacity to fabricate such gas turbines nor have any license to export these equipment beyond their authorized national borders

Your writer does not believe that any Eastern company can get prequalification, nor any local bureaucrat/ technocrat can accept their prequalification application.

Last but not least, if you would be in need of Repowering Software, here is the ref web site,

That article is for your early information and further comments,
Your comments are always welcome.
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