Friday, April 13, 2007

The best 10 place to organize Energy Conference in Turkey

Dear Colleagues,

Every year we either organize or just participate to conferences in Turkey on various instances. It is for sure that these conferences help us to communicate with our business colleagues, to learn more about ongoing business activities, to update latest information, to increase our network capabilities, to meet with our potential clients or partners to make further business.

It is a real business potential and there are many private companies in Turkey who are organizing energy conferences. Unfortunately they organize these events mostly in Istanbul. However these conferences in Istanbul have no use for real business. Istanbul is an international city, that is for sure. But for energy business, Istanbul has no meaning for the business opportunities, nor any result for future.

Istanbul is a good place to see historical sites. It is good for other business meetings. It is good for you to take your wife there on company expense account. However in case of energy business, you will return to your home office with almost no result.

Energy business capital city in Turkey is Ankara, capital of Turkey.

All decision makers in public enterprises are situated in Ankara. The Ministry, State water works, Public Electricity companies, Coal Board, Energy regulatory Agency, they all have head office in Ankara. Istanbul is another country for them.

All key local and international companies have offices in Ankara. They should be available to meet with the key public decisionmakers at all times when needed. Living in Istanbul or elsewhere and coming to Ankara for one-day business flight will have no meaning.

When you participate to an Energy Conference in Istanbul in one of fancy hotels in the city center, or in conference/ fair centers on the outskirts of the metropolis, you will have no communication with your counterparts in the public sector. For sure that the key people will come to that event, all expenses paid by the organizers in legal format, you will have the opportunity to listen to their same speeches already presented maybe 100 times earlier. They will be giving the same speech and after they will immediately disappear in order to meet some other business or private colleagues.

The most important energy organizations take place in Ankara. Ankara is the center of all core decisions.

The most important speeches are always given by the Minister himself. You should follow him in all his presentations. He will be giving the latest information on ongoing energy business. All other public figures will be repeating his declaration.

Participation to an Energy event in Istanbul is waste of time and money. Do avoid any event in Istanbul. It is no use for you and for your business expectations.

Remember to join to any event which will take place in Ankara in the main auditorium of the Energy Ministry. That is the most important place for all energy meetings. The key energy figures will be there available for you at all times, by all means. They will have ample time eager to share with you. It is very cost effective.

Also please do remember that you should be available in Ankara one day earlier. We see people coming from other cities by the early flight, arriving to the conference venue at about noon time, and try to leave as early as possible to reach their evening flight as soon as possible. We watch them with pity.

Here are our best 10 place to organize Energy conferences in Turkey. They are all in Ankara, capital city of Turkey.

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Auditorium Ankara
National Library in Ankara
Conference Center (KKM) in ODTU Campus in Ankara
Bilkent Hotel in Bilkent University Ankara
Gazi Engineering Auditorium Ankara
Sura Salonu Gazi University Ankara
TOBB University Auditorium Ankara
MTA Auditorium Ankara
ODTU Alumni Conference Hall in Visnelik Ankara
Tubitak Conference Hall in Ankara

We would wish to put Hilton, Sheraton, Swiss hotels into our main Top10 list, but unfortunately, these luxury hotels are difficult to reach at the city center. Key figures, and their staff normally try to avoid to participate to these events since city traffic makes everything so miserable. Car parking is so difficult if not impossible most of the cases. Anyhow it is good to know that we have also other alternatives available in Ankara

Above given list is tentative and it could be revised with your assistance in time. However any new entry of my preference will certainly be in Ankara.

In one of new energy conferences in near future, on 4th May 2007 afternoon, we shall have an important Gas Conference in Ankara Sheraton Conference Center and your moderator will be an humble speaker to try to explain the professional market responses of the Chamber of Mechanical engineers, evaluating the ongoing activities in the gas market, as well as new opportunities in future in his capacity.

Please do join me in that important event. Details are in our web site. You can also ask me the details through my email address. Your comments are always welcome.


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