Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thermal Power Plant Design Software in-house Training

We are pleased to announce that we completed in-house training in Adapazari/ Gebze premises of the biggest contractor/ operator in Turkey between 14-17 August 2007, prepared the certificates, delivered to the participants.

Participants were operation/ proposal/ maintenance engineers/ managers with power plant operation experience, highly capable, very interested, and eager to learn to operate Thermoflow thermal power plant design software. They were capable/ talented/ skillful in learning not only Thermoflow's Gtpro and Steampro (with Peace) but also Thermoflex.

Upon their request we delivered 3 each 30-day trial hardware keys to the participants since they were too interested to check full capability of the software.

They expressed their appreciation of Thermoflow software capabilities; they had fast access to use capabilities of the programs, and made further comments, asked questions and even criticized in time after familiarization.

We understand that they were impressed for Thermoflow software applications especially on their existing Adapazari/ Gebze and Izmir CCPP power plants in operation, as well as new projects they work on such as gas fired new CCPP in remote cold region of Russia, another local imported coal fired new thermal power plant project, gas fired CHP project with District heating system.

They have long-term “Advanced Developers Kit” license.

We would like to express my sincere thanks to our Trainer Mr Aldo de BONIS and hope to have similar training seminars in Turkey in future.


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