Monday, April 02, 2007

The Best 10 Renewable Power Plants in Turkey

Dear Colleagues,

In Energy Commission of Chamber of Mechanical engineers in Ankara Branch, we meet every two weeks on Monday evening in our Ankara office in order to review current energy issues, and try to make appropriate programs/ panels/ technical excursions.

Earlier we had following conversation at the end of our regular agenda. In our country we are just pointing the negative issues. We need to point out the positive developments. We should be more proactive.

There are good developments. There are good power plants/organizations, running smoothly, generating power with high efficiency, at high availability rates. We need to review them and appreciate their performance and advise them to be good examples to continue.

In our draft 2007 technical excursion program, we decided to list them and invite our colleagues as well as students to visit these selected sites, review the operations, write down reports. So we make that list and visited those 10 best thermal power plants one after another

Now we are planning to visit our selection of "The best 10 renewable Power Plants in Turkey". The close location to Ankara is our first criteria in our selection to enable us to organize daily technical tours to selected sites. Here is our list for the best 10 successful renewable power plants we planned to visit later this year,

Kovada-2 HEPP(Isparta - Egirdir)51,2MW next to Kovada lake
Birkapili 48.5 MWe HEPP river type
BozcaAda 10.2MWe RES (+ vineyard tour in September)
Bandirma Bilgin Elektrik 30 MW RES
Denizli Kizildere 15 MWe Geothermal owned by EUAS
Alacati 7.2 MWe RES (+ windsurf)
Hirfanli HEPP 128 MW Kirsehir -Kaman
Pamuk HEPP- Mersin 24 MWe
Ayen Camlica-1 HEPP, Kayseri 84 MWe

Plus we may also consider following RES/ HEPP plants

Kokluce HEPP (Tokat-Niksar) 90 MW on river Yesilirmak
Kesikkopru HEPP (Ankara - Bala)76 MW on river Kizilirmak
Kapulukaya HEPP (Kirikkale - Center)54 MW on river Kizilirmak
EGE Enerji- Aydin Geothermal 7MWe
Ankara - Nallihan 160 MWe Sariyar HEPP

Above list is tentative and it could be revised with your assistance in time.

We would like to visit our selection of the best 10 RENEWABLE power plants of Turkey later this year and further plan to write technical articles to explain these excellent thermal power plants in our month bulletin.

The primary energy sources for new capacity and energy efficiency measures need to be chosen using some kind of quantitative risk-assessment scheme that most likely will result in a diverse energy mix that includes nuclear.

Your comments are always welcome.


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