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Ayen Energy CCPP in Ostim Ankara

Dear Colleagues,

That was on 3rd March 2007 Saturday morning, we had our coach at 0930 hours, we departed from the sidewalks of the chamber of mechanical engineering office with 40 participants,

10 undergraduate Mechanical Engineering undergraduate/ graduate students, 15 young/ 15 senior mechanical engineers, we left the city center, to the Ayen Energy 50 MWe combined cycle thermal power plant for a technical excursion in Ostim, almost 20 km’s west of Ankara.

On the coach, we introduced ourselves as the member of Energy commission of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in Ankara

We explained the thermal power plant which we would be visiting, advised the participants how important/ efficient/ new, the power plant is,

Ayen Energy CCPP project is in Ankara Ostim Organised Industrial Zone. Major investor is Ayen Energy in Aydiner Construction Group.

Ayen Energy Co. is founded in 1990 within the framework of the provisions of the "Law no. 3096 regarding the Appointment of Organisations other than the Turkish Electricity Authority for Electricity Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Trading." 15.01% of the corporate capital stock is open to the general public.

The first project accomplished by Ayen Energy on B.O.T model is Kisik Hydro Electric Power Plant (Kisik HEPP) with an installed power of 86 MW at Tekir Town in the city of Kahramanmaras. Secondly, Ayen Energy realized Camlica-1 HydroElectric Power Plant (Camlica-1 HEPP) with an installed power of 84 MW with the same model. The company is to operate both plants for 15 years. Third , Ayen Energy realized Yamula Hydro Electric Power Plant (Yamula HEPP) with an installed power of 100 MW.

The new CCPP project is at OSTIM Ankara organised Industrial zone firing natural gas in CCPP to generate 40,967Mwe electricity. General Contractor is Gama Power Systems (GPS) of Ankara.

GE Energy is the supplier of gas Turbine. GE Aero Energy, a GE Power Systems business, has received a contract from GPS of Ankara, Turkey to provide one LM2500+ with Dry Low Emissions (DLE) gas turbine-generator set.

The 31,077-megawatt LM2500+ HSPT gas turbine-generator set is used by Ayen Ostim Enerji as part of the Ayen Ostim 40,967 MW Combined Cycle Project in Ankara, Turkey.

The combined cycle power plant also utilises a 9,89 MW steam turbine generator supplied by GE Thermodyne of France. The plant supplies a reliable power source to the Ostim Organized Industrial Zone and potentially excess power to the public grid.

The LM2500+ gas turbine-generator set is packaged at the GE Aero Energy packaging facility in Houston, Texas, and delivered to the Ayen Ostim Combined Cycle Project in late August 2003. The unit started simple-cycle operation in late March 2004, and combined-cycle operation in May 2004. Natural gas is served as the primary fuel.

Aalborg is the supplier of HRSG. In January 2003 Aalborg Engineering signed the contract with GPS who is the general contractor of the plant, to supply the HRSG for the end user Ayen Ostim Enerji's new 40,967 MW natural gas fired combined cycle power plant in Ankara, Turkey. The contract covers design, procurement, production, erection supervision and commissioning supervision of a complete dual-pressure HRSG plant.

All equipment is purchased in various countries by Aalborg Engineering and the erection work is carried out by GES company on behalf of GPS. HRSG is Aalborg standart package type "SteamGen8" at 30 tph MCR HP at 55bar/482C, and 7 tph MCR LP at 5bar/ 265C.

GES Electric Construction company is the general contractor for site installation of all equipment plus cabling, switchyard etc.

Electricity sales agreement is completed with Ostim administration. Natural gas purchase agreement is with BOTAS

Inlet air cooling equipment is also purchased. This equipment increases the electricity output of gas turbine by 3-4 Mwe in hot summer period.

There are 154KV high voltage overhead lines passing above the plant, they have no connection with the plant since plant generates electricity at 34.5kV to feed Ostim.

Overall plant layout and necessary basic engineering were delivered by Foster Wheeler Bimas of Istanbul.

Ostim Administration and the Ostim entrepreneurs will receive electricity at some substantial figures lower than the current TEDAS prices. This is a great saving for the nearby enterprises, to reduce their electricity cost during their own fabrication facilities.

This is the first CCPP project for Ayen Energy. Ayen has three hydro plants in operation. With this experience in thermal power plants, it is expected that Ayen would be having similar success stories in future.

We wish to congratulate Ayen Energy management and the Aydiner Group for their new OSTIM CCPP project completion, and hoping all the best in future for more and bigger projects. We then completed our plant excursion. We had tea and cookies, thanked our hosts. We congratulated them for having and running such an State-of-Art Combined cycle power plant with high efficiency, and high availability.

We were happy since our colleagues had visited a very good/ efficient, state-of-the art, latest technology combined power plant in Ankara

It was a real good job. Congratulations to the investors who put money to make the project realized, and to the employees who make the plant to run smoothly, efficiently at maximum availability

Your comments are always welcome.


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