Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Arab Potash, Aqabe, Jordan, 1997-2002

Request for proposal  was received by our US parent company and delivered to us, since we were the closest jv company to respond in the region. Arab Potash company wanted water tube fueloil firing 120 tons per hour steam output capacity boikers for their existing plant near Aqabe city on RedSea coast. We were invited for siteseeing the existing steam boiler house in the Aqabe plant first to get prequalified.
We flu to Amman from Ankara via thy flight.
We met with our local representative for breakfast at Amman sheraton hotel.
Together we visited the engineers who prepared the tender documents at the Arab Potash company center.
We had a joint meeting in Arab Potash Amman head office all day.
We presented ourselves, our company capabilities, our references.
The next day our local representative drove us to Aqabe by his landrover.
we headed to the Arab Potash factory outside the city of Aqabe,
on the Red Sea coast.
We saw the existing steam plant in its place, took photographs, received copies of the technical drawings, got our siteseeing registration document and left.
On our return journey, we visited  the ancient city of Petra and the dead sea on the wayback. Then we took nonstop Amman Ankara thyflight to return home.
We prepared our offer in Ankara, price was about 4-million-dollar Abd $,
Then we sent our proposal documents via courier to our local representative in Jordan.
The proposal was replicated, presented to the client in Amman by our local representative. It was evaluated in 90-days, got confidence, approved to proceed.
This time the technical drawings were not ready, it took time to prepare new detaied shop drawings. The design was not a package, the steam boiler was produced in pieces,  and transported in partial shipment to site.
In Aqabe Arab Potash Company plant site, we worked together with local s├╝contractors for assembly and site erection.
Aqabe We have worked with a local contractor in the Arab Potash factory.
Jordan was a replica of the British royal order in the Arab geography.
Everything was  like British practices.
Royal air force, royal science institute, royal bridge community.
They had a certain distance historically against the Turks.
As it is in the whole Arab region, there were many parties in the mediator role for facilitating the work, but we were refering all of them to our local representative.
We completed our job on time.
Arab Potash is still using our steam boilers, there is not much operational problem.
Do we do business in Jordan? Turkish contractors can always do business in the Arab geography, Arab geography is our natural business environment, in a sense it is our backyard, let's not exaggerate, let's stay in mutual respect, let's not remind them the bitter Ottoman period.

Prinkipo, 29th July 2018


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