Wednesday, July 18, 2018


The brave new world, "MeToo"

If there is a harassment situation, the rapist will lie and say,
"There is no such thing, she gave me a green light, there was a mutual consent",
This is not the case in the United States,
In the USA women say, "this man has dumped me, harassed me, raped me"
Even the defense of the harlot is not taken too seriously, the punishment of harassment is almost immediate,
Therefore, harvay weinstein is in jail,
Dustin hoffman, Ben Afflect, morgan freeman,
They publicly apologized to the women they harassed earlier,
Kevin Spacey was fired from movie sets,
The unpleasant harrassment situations that have been happening for many years in the past have come back again in the last few years.
Perhaps the most impressive was the once-popular TV star Bill Cosby.
After Bill  Crosby incident, the women who were harassed earlier, appeared in the social media, the social pressure direction on them changed.
In social media "MeToo" hashtag started, that is to say publicly,
"MeToo" harrassed earlier by that person.
there were impressive events,
Jill Kelley finished David Patreous
Monica Lewinsky  disgraced Bill Clinton but could not finish him
Stormy Daniels defamed Donald Trump', everything was revealed.

In the US there are at least half an hour of training videos on in-company training,
Everyone in the US state department has to watch a video,
it is obligatory to answer the questions at the end,

Those who watch this video have to watch and finally get an online test,
or otherwise the workstation account will be frozen

There are casino bosses in this world who sleep with new stars,
The player who can not stay together is not in the tv line, not in the movie,
There are stage directors who harrass players before they step on opera theater stage,
There are bosses, managers, supervisors who are harassing the staff that they employ
Victims are not only young women but also young men
Rock hudson, antony perkins, lots of new names.
A similar cultural change is taking place in LGBT. Non-gay people do not play well.
There are many Lez woman comedian, Lez-gay talk show presenters.

We had a local political figure, who had an Turkish American interpreter who was assigned to help him on his trip to the United States,
He had unpleasant approaches to the girl, girl complaint the situation to her managers,
Trip was cancelled, political figure was sent back home immediately, noe hw can not get US visas. There are many similar events, google is full of these incidents.
Here we are talking about adult harassment,
We do not accept any consent of children under the age of 18, this is shamelessness.
The justice system has direct rules to penalise the abusers.
In American culture,  there are strick rules to people, who could face harrassment,

Do not touch anyone, just give a short handshake, do not think that every smiling person is in love with you, do not look at someone for a long time, do not have eye conta t with strangers, do not be alone with an opposite sex in the elevator,
Do not get in the car of people you never knew, do not accept invitations of strangers,
Do not stay late hours with your boss in the office.

Middle Eastern immigrants experienced cultural conflicts and clashes in European countries, Middle Eastern men accustomed to repressive women in their own countries, they misunderstand the comfortable free attitudes of European women,
They misinterpret comfortable communication as an invitation,
In the end, a large number of harassment even rape incidents took place in Germany,
Female social welfare officers who came to help immigrants were  raped,
Angela Merkel has been criticized for her immigration policy.
To eradicate misunderstandings, Middle Eastern immigrants were given trainings to understand the communication orientation for cultural differences.
In Denmark, immigrant children are now raised in accordance with the Danish norms,
German children nursery teaches German culture alongside German language.
Donald Trump closed the US to immigrants, making it difficult for foreigners to enter US.  In Germany, Businessmen travelling alone to SouthEast Asia are labeled as  "pedophile". Those who travel to Certain poor countries alone, can not explain that it was for commercial purposes. Those elderly gay people who travel to Middle East are publicly disclosed, since there is no women in public there.
How are all these rules regulations laws enforced in the United States?
How women complain, and men apologize?
What do my readers say about these issues? What do you say?
Write me your comments directly, to my email "HalukDireskeneli at yahoo dot com"

Prinkipo' 15-july 2018


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