Sunday, April 18, 2010

On new thermal power plant investment in Amasra

Hazelwood, in Victoria, is Australia's most greenhouse polluting power station, producing about the same greenhouse emissions as 3.95 million cars per year.

Dear Colleagues

If you wish to review the investment in Denizli province as planned by RWE of Germany for 870 MWE Combined cycle power plant, then all you have to do is open google, write "RWE, Denizli" then you get the all reports for EIA,

Then if you wish to know details of AKSA 100 MWe imported coal firing new thermal power plant in Yalova, similarly you search for "AKSA, Yalova, Enerji" in google, and you immediately reach to the respective presentation link,

If you need information on 1200 MWe imported coal firing new Gerze Thermal Power plant investment, it is in

It is so surprising that they put so much details into those reports. You can read and write your critics, and they answer to you,

On the other case, where are the investment reports for Amasra 2640 MWe (or 1200MWe) thermal power plant investment? It is only lip service, daily emails to newspapers, media writers, who are unable to interpret those empty wording.

When you review internet page of their UK partner, you come up with many thermal power plants but almost all of them are combined cycle. They have only three major coal firing thermal power plants in UK, Portugal and Indonesia plus very old two plants in Australia which are Hazelwood (photo) and Loy Yang B plants. However they purchased all these coal plants after construction and many years of service by the first investors. So they know how to operate the coal firing thermal power plant but they do not have any experience on their construction. Moreover most of their existing coal based thermal power plants need upgrading in ESP, FGD and ash disposal systems, due to new local requirements to stop global warming.

All and all, we have sincere doubts on the technical qualifications of Amasra thermal power plant investment. We need to know the details, coal mine investigations, an appropriate EIA internet page with sufficient evidence, meteorology facts.

Meteorological studies show that Amasra is in "advection inversion", which means,
a temperature inversion caused by advection as warm air/fluegas passes over a cool soil surface creating non-stop fog, which makes impossible to live, not to mention to construct a thermal power plant. But Who cares??

Therefore we feel that PR activities of the investors are not sufficient at this point in time, and we would sincerely advise the locals not to care about that service.

Thank you and best regards

Haluk Direskeneli, Ankara based Energy Analyst


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