Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PowerGen Europe 2010 Amsterdam

Dear Energy Professional, Dear Colleagues,

On 8-9-10 June 2010, the main European energy event is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for Powergen Europe 2010 exhibition and conference. The Powergen conferences are very important in energy sector.

If you plan to participate to Powergen Europe Conference, you have to purchase an international ticket to fly to an European city- Amsterdam The Netherlands this year, Milan Italy in 2011, Koln Germany in 2012, you should make hotel reservation and handle your living and traveling expenses.

You have to spend almost one week. That means you are away from your daily work load and your ongoing projects, customers. That is a real dedication. That needs time, money, effort.

But on the other hand, you meet with the key players of the international market. Only real players, only serious organizations, and individuals can do/ participate to the fair. So let us see who these real serious players of our energy sector are.

Here are the Turkish participants and major key players of our energy market in the PowerGen Europe conference in the past years,

Aalborg Engineering Istanbul/Aalborg
ABB Elektrik Sanayi AS Istanbul
AES-IC Energy Generation, Ankara
AGE Construction, Ankara
AkEnerji, Istanbul
Alstom, France/ Turkey
AnsaldoBreda Istanbul
Armagan Muhendislik Istanbul
ASKO Limited, Istanbul/ London
Austrian Energy & Environment, Ankara/ Vienna
BARIŞ Technological Systems, Adana
BGM Engineering, Istanbul
Babcock& Wilcox, Ankara, Denmark, USA
Babcock- Hitachi, Istanbul, UK
BGM Engineering, Istanbul
Bis Enerji, Bursa
Black & Veatch USA/ Turkey
Borusan Enerji, Istanbul
Calik Enerji Ankara
CMI- Belgium/ Turkey
DoğaEnerji, Istanbul
ENDA Enerji Holding, Izmir
EnkaPower, Istanbul
EnerjiSA, Sabanci, Istanbul
Enpro Engineering, Ankara
ENPRODE Engineering & Consulting, Istanbul
EntekElektrik, Koç Holding, Istanbul
Escon Energy Savings Consultancy, Istanbul
Evonik Power Plants, Germany
Foster Wheeler, Ankara/ Istanbul
Friterm, Istanbul, Germany
Gama Power Systems, Ankara
GE Energy, USA / UK/ Turkey
GSD Engineering, Istanbul
International Power Plc, Istanbul, UK
Innovative Steam Technologies, Canada/Turkey
Koc Holding/ Entek, Istanbul
Lotus Enerji, Ankara
Mapna Group, Iran
MEGA Enerji, Istanbul
MEPTA Power Engineering, Istanbul, Greece
Mitsubishi, Ankara, Japan
NaturGaz/ Kolin, Ankara
NEM, Holland/ Turkey
Nooter/ Ericson USA/ Turkey
Nurol Enerji Ankara
Pratt Whitney USA / Turkey
Promer Engineering, Ankara
Park Enerji, Ankara
RWE, Istanbul, Germany
Safer Grup, Istanbul
SEGU Engineering & Contracting, Izmir
Sektorel Fuarcilik, Istanbul
SETAS Enerji, Ankara
Siemens, Germany/ Turkey
Steag/ Evonik Germany
STORK Thermeq - Ankara, The Netherlands
Teknotes, Ankara
Thermoflow Thermal Power Plants Design Software USA/ Turkey
TUBITAK MAM, Marmara Research Center, Gebze
TurboMach, Istanbul/ Switzerland
VA-Tech, Austria/ Ankara
VESTAS Wind Energy Istanbul/ Denmark
Vogt Power Systems, USA/ Turkey
YURT Cement, R&D Energy Technologies, Istanbul
Wartsila Engines, Finland/ Turkey
ZORLU Enerji, Istanbul

There may be some more missing names but generally the interested key players are as listed above. We hope that there will be more participation this year in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It is your writer's sincere feeling that one day Powergen Europe could be organized in Istanbul close to Ataturk International Airport, similarly PowerGen Asia could also be organized in Asia Minor section of Istanbul close to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport maybe on F1 racing course.

Thank you and best regards

Haluk Direskeneli, Ankara based Energy Analyst,


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