Saturday, October 29, 2005

Coal fired new thermal power plants by Private companies

ANKARA - Turkish Ministry of Energy announced that the private sector companies may apply to construct the following coal fired thermal power plants in order to increase the supply of electricity generation based on local resources. The following coal fired power plants are named within that scheme

Çankırı-Orta 100 MWe

Bingöl-Karlıova 100 MWe

Tekirdağ-Saray 300 MWe

Adana-Tufanbeyli 600 MWe

Bursa-Davutlar 160 Mwe

Bolu-Göynük 150 MWe

Manisa-Eynez 600 MWe

Kütahya-Derin 300 MWe

Total 2.310 MWe

Source. Dunya daily 17th October 2005


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