Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cyprus 35 MWe New power plant tender

Preparations have been made for the tender to construct a new power station
Under the above title Turkish Cypriot "Cyprus Times" newspaper (13.10.05) reports the following:

"A study has been released outlining the building of two new 17.5MW power stations at Teknecik (near occupied Klepini) which will be built solely by the Cyprus electricity board (Kib Tek). A meeting was held at the (self-styled) Ministry of Finance for the bidding which was announced by the Central Tendering Commission (MIK) final applications will end on 18 October. The meeting was attended by the Central Tendering committee Members, KIB-TEK, foreign firms and the experts from Turkish Electricity Production Corporation from Turkey.

According to the information given by the 'Ministry of Finance', the meeting lasted two hours.

At the meeting information was given on the technicalities of the terms and conditions of the tendering. It was agreed to work with speed to close the tendering process in time on the 18.11.2005.


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