Wednesday, April 03, 2013

HKW-Sud gas fired 698 Mwe combined cycle power plant in Munich Germany

Dear colleagues,

On Eastern holiday, Munich neighborhood was empty. On Monday morning, I preferred a tour within Munich city center. On my walking route I noticed a new gas fired thermal power plant generating 698 Mwe electricty to the 110 kV major transmission, and also generating low pressure heating steam for nearby district heating. No pollution, no feeling for any Nox emission, only 3 km far from my house and it is in the city. It was so surprising, as well as  very educating experience.
All the best from Munchen, Deutschland.

Technical details are as follows

Munchen Sud

Location: Bayern, Germany
Operator: Stadtwerke Munchen
Configuration: 362-MW, 2+1 CCGT with V94 gas turbines, 
471-MW, 2+1 CCGT with 9001E gas turbines CHP
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Operation: 1979-2005
HRSG supplier: Balck
T/G supplier: Siemens, GE, Alstom, Elin
EPC: Siemens, VA TECH, MAB Anlagenbau

Quick facts: The Gud2 block cost €200mn and re-used some components of an old WTE power plant. The site has been used for power generation since 1899. The architect for Gud2 was fcg-architekten

With best regards
Haluk Direskeneli, Munich, Germany


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