Sunday, January 08, 2012

Mitt Romney for President

Dear Colleagues
Please do watch out Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. He is Mormon, he consumes no alcohol, no smoking, no pot, even no coffee. He is married with his university sweetheart for 40 years, with 5 boys, educated as lawyer, later investment banker with MBA, lives decent life style. He worked as co-founder and CEO of Bain & Company,  the Company is in Turkey for last 10 years on financial services, consultancy in privatization. He stayed in France as Mormon missionary in his youth for 30 months, so he is fluent in French, 30 months in France in 1960s was compensation not to get drafted for Military service in Vietnam war. He has no burden of Armenians, nor Greeks, Cypriot American voters. He is against to Kyoto, but supports renewables and nuclear. He has no objection to war in Iraq or Afganistan, supports war when necessary. He objects to abortion, also against to gay-rights, He had >40% preference in last debates, better than other Republican contenders. However still 40-42% against Obama, but can/ will close gap within next 10 months. This is serious, not a joke, he seems to be very good match with our Turkish ruling power elite. He needs no education on Turkish importance in EastMed and Middle East. This is for our early condition assessment, not for support nor promotion. This is my humble personal evaluation as an outsider. Your comments are welcome, best regards.

Haluk Direskeneli, Ankara based Energy Analyst

COMMENT: Romney is an uber-rich robber baron who, at Bain Capitol, plundered and dismantled dozens of company, putting thousands of people out of work and racking up big profits. His work experience consists of tearing things down. Much better to elect somebody who does positive things.


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