Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Turkish participants in PowerGen Europe 2006

Necdet Kahraman (SEGU, Izmir) with your writer(at left)

Dear Colleagues

I participated to latest PowerGen Europe Conference in Cologne Germany between 28 May and 1 June 2006. It was a great experience. I met with many international key figures of the Energy business as well as key figures of the Turkish energy business. I work as marketing consultant of various international energy companies in my environment. It was a very good opportunity to meet with these key figures, to learn more about new developmets especially in CFB, renewables and nuclear sector.

PowerGen Europe 2006 is the most important conference in Energy business. Participation is very important. Here is the list of Turkish participants in PowerGen Europe 2006 in Cologne Germany,

Teknotes Industrial Plants -Ankara
(with individual booth) - 7 participants
Bis Energy Bursa- 1
Park Energy- Istanbul- 1
BGM Istanbul- 3
De Jung Coen - Enpro Ankara- 1
Calik Energy Ankara- 3
Nurol Energy Ankara- 1
Foster Wheeler- Energy Group Ankara- 1
GE Energy Istanbul- 2
Siemens Power Generation Ankara -2
Modern Energy Istanbul -6
MAN B&W - Iltekno Istanbul -3
STORK Thermeq - Burners and deaerators -Ankara -1
TurboMach Istanbul -3
SEGU Steel Fabrications Izmir -2
Nuh Energy -1
Zorlu Energy Istanbul -2
Envy Ankara -1
Orhan TUMER, Istanbul -1
Teknom Ankara -2
PowerServ Istanbul- 1
Selnikel Ankara -2
Teknik Yayincilik- Istanbul -1
Thermoflow Thermal Power Design Software Ankara -1

I recommend all my colleagues to participate to the next conference which will take place in Madrid Spain between 28-30 June 2007

Best regards

Haluk Direskeneli


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